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Forms, Checklists, and Procedures for the Family Lawyer
Our Price: $69.95

By Mark A. Chinn

This hands-on manual provides forms, checklists and procedures for every aspect of family law practice, in print and on CD-Rom in Word and PDF formats, ready to be downloaded and customized for your own practice.

The book is organized according to the typical progress of a case, and includes client questionnaires; five sample contracts with different billing options; a screening script; a non-representation letter; motions; file audits; settlement checklists and letters; mediation checklists, letters and tracking sheets; discovery checklists and attorney and client letters; multiple litigation checklists, letters, and notices; an expert engagement letter; four different trial checklists; plus file closing and post-closing checklists; exit interview and warnings forms; letters to clients and to the file; and much more.

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One volume, softbound, 240 pages, plus CD-Rom.
The Divorce Trial Manual: From Initial Interview to Closing Argument
Our Price: $119.95

By Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin and Stephen Kolodny

Organize and present your case to achieve the optimum outcome for your clients! Clearly written and well organized, this practical volume is filled with advice, useful tips, checklists, sample Q and A's, and helpful guidelines for handling the diverse circumstances of a trial. Based on the many lessons taught in the 17-year history of the Trial Advocacy Institute for matrimonial lawyers, it’s a complete roadmap and tells you how to conduct effective discovery; select and prepare lay witnesses; develop and present a theory of the case; use opening statement and closing argument; organize material to prepare for trial; cross-examine appraisers, custody evaluators and others; make evidentiary objections; and much more. A companion CD-ROM contains practical forms plus an invaluable, 67-page client manual.

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The Military Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Representing Military Personnel and Their Families, Second Edition
Our Price: $179.95

By Mark E. Sullivan

This exhaustive book covers all aspects of representing servicemembers and their spouses in divorce, including the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, military tax issues, division of military retirement benefits, custody issues, and domestic violence involving servicemembers. The explanations are clear, current and concise, and there are numerous practice tips throughout the text. There’s also a glossary, a comprehensive index, and a CD-Rom with forms and additional background material.

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One volume, softbound, 863 pages plus CD-Rom.
The Family Lawyer's Guide to Stock Options
Our Price: $69.95

By Lester Barenbaum, Walter Schubert and Robert D. Feder

More than 14 million Americans now receive stock options, and 79% of them earn less than $75,000 a year. Every family lawyer can anticipate dealing with them, and here’s the first book to explain this complex field in plain English. You’ll get state-by-state rules on options in property division, alimony and child support; approaches to dividing options and the benefits of each; valuation methods in clear language; an in-depth discussion of the tax ramifications; sample provisions for divorce agreements; a discovery checklist; a glossary; and much more. CD-Rom included.

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One volume, softbound, 154 pages plus CD-Rom.
Creating Effective Parenting Plans
Our Price: $64.95

By John Hartson and Brenda Payne

The old days of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all custody arrangements are ending. This book will show you how to create parenting plans that work – that are geared to children’s developmental stages, and that adapt over time as the needs of the children change. The result is happier families and more satisfied clients. The book also considers special situations such as parental relocation, siblings at widely different ages, high-conflict parents, children with special needs, etc. Includes a CD-Rom with forms and materials to use with clients.

One volume, softbound, 237 pages plus CD-Rom.
Confronting Mental Health Evidence, A Practical Plan to Examine Reliability and Experts in Family Law, Second Edition
Our Price: $99.95

By John Zervopoulos, J.D., Ph.D.

Finally, here’s a book that will show you how to understand and effectively challenge mental health evidence in divorce cases.

You’ll learn how mental health concepts are typically applied in the divorce context, and how to analyze them from a Daubert perspective. You’ll understand qualifications and methodology, and how experts draw conclusions and form opinions in these cases. Even better, you’ll learn how to expose analytical gaps, overly abstract concepts, ipse dixit assertions, unsupported claims, misapplied research, and confirmatory bias. Special attention is paid to claims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Finally, the author considers problems of patient confidentiality, HIPAA and psychotherapist-patient privilege.

One volume, softbound, 297 pages. Published in 2015.
Assessment of Earning Capacity, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $99.00

Use this book to gain insight into how earning capacity is determined, give it to your expert to show him or her how to present testimony more effectively in court, and consult it as a goldmine for attacking the opposing expert’s opinion by undermining its assumptions and methodology! The most comprehensive and helpful text ever written on earning capacity expert testimony, this is an invaluable reference work that provides real insight into not only the techniques of assessment (including detailed case studies), but also the realities of presenting testimony in court in real life.

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One volume, casebound, 304 pages.
The Forensic Accounting Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Financial Investigation and Analysis for Family Lawyers
Our Price: $159.95

By Miles Mason, Sr., J.D., CPA

Here’s the ultimate guide for family lawyers to understanding the other side’s claimed income and expenses, so you can leverage the best settlement or win decisively at trial. You’ll learn basic accounting for non-experts; how to use CPAs to best advantage; how to track down and find lies and hidden assets; how to use discovery (and what most lawyers do wrong); how to value assets such as stock options, deferred compensation, pensions and benefits; how to determine real income from a cash business; how to do a lifestyle analysis; how to challenge claimed needs and expenses; and how to prepare for and dominate at trial.

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One volume, softbound, 374 pages plus CD-Rom.
The Adoption Law Handbook
Our Price: $139.95

By Jennifer Fairfax

Here’s a concise, practical resource that explains all aspects of handling an adoption case. You’ll get advice on client intake and consultations, practical guidance for each step in the legal process, and an excellent array of sample forms. The book covers domestic private/independent adoptions, domestic agency adoptions, and international adoptions, and explains the full range of legal issues affecting each type, including the Hague, ICPC, and ICWA laws, special needs adoptions, termination of parental rights, consent, biological father issues, step-parent adoption, post-adoption contact agreements, adult adoption, adoption records issues, adoption-related torts, tax and financing issues, gay and lesbian adoption, and more. CD-Rom included.

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One volume, softbound, 495 pages plus CD-Rom.
Attacking and Defending Marital Agreements, Second Edition
Our Price: $159.95

By Brett R. Turner and Laura W. Morgan At some point every family lawyer will handle a dispute over a prenup, postnup or separation agreement. You’ll need to attack the validity of an agreement, defend it, or argue over how to interpret an ambiguous provision. This is the book to have in your arsenal.

The only book of its kind, this practical resource thoroughly reviews the law and analyzes how courts have handled the wide range of factual patterns and vague or ambiguous terms. It will give you the legal ammunition you need to get a court to uphold or strike down an agreement or interpret it to your client’s benefit. Plus, you’ll get a complete review of the kinds of terms and provisions that cause problems in the first place…so you can draft with greater confidence and ward off challenges.

One volume, softbound, 603 pages.
Settlement Negotiation Techniques in Family Law
Our Price: $69.95

By Gregg Herman

Here’s a clearly written guide to family law negotiation based on the realities of daily legal practice, one that applies settlement theories and concepts to the nuts-and-bolts issues involved in divorce cases. You’ll learn:
• How to prepare the divorce client for settlement
• The four-way meeting, a common aspect of family law negotiations
• Planned early negotiation when the likely results fall within a narrow range, and how this technique can get to a good result with greater speed
• Settlement issues specific to family law
• Mediation, collaborative divorce, and cooperative divorce
• Using creative settlement techniques when normal routes have failed
• The applications of game theory to divorce settlements
• Ethical considerations
• Preparing for the endgame
• Ten essential rules for becoming a better negotiator

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One volume, softbound, 188 pages. Published in 2013.
How to Examine Mental Health Experts: A Family Lawyer's Handbook of Issues and Strategies
Our Price: $79.95

By John Zervopoulos, J.D., Ph.D.

This terrific book analyzes 28 different issues that come up all the time in examining mental health experts, and shows you how to spot, analyze, and address each issue to your advantage. Armed with this book, you’ll be much more effective in handling both your own experts and opposing experts.

Issues include counseling methods, psychological tests, credibility, reliance on other experts, Daubert issues, DSM diagnoses, biases, the value of interim reports, and many others!

One volume, softbound, 264 pages. Published in 2013.
Lee's North Carolina Family Law, Fifth Edition
Our Price: $402.00

By Suzanne Reynolds

This definitive three-volume work gives you comprehensive coverage of North Carolina family law. You’ll get in-depth discussions of the marriage relationship from engagement to dissolution, as well as every aspect of the parent-child relationship. You’ll find complete coverage of all North Carolina case and statutory law, plus expert analysis of contracts, torts, evidence, and constitutional issues. Here’s everything you need to know in one place – don’t practice family law without it!

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Three hardbound volumes plus current supplement. Your purchase includes a supplement service so you’ll never be out-of-date. You’re under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.
The Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook
Our Price: $149.95

By Steven N. Peskind

There are lots of books on evidence, but here’s a book specifically written for family law attorneys. It explains the rules in plain English, with extra care given to how they apply to divorce cases and practice pointers for applying them. How can you establish that the other spouse has a bad temper, authenticate a digital photo, or introduce a text message or chat room conversation? You’ll find all the answers here.

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One volume, softbound, 383 pages. Published in 2013.
Dividing Pensions in Divorce, Third Edition
Our Price: $329.00

By Gary A. Shulman and David I. Kelley

What's best for your client: present value or QDRO?  Here's the first book that tackles pension division and translates theories into practical settlement strategies.  It takes an in-depth look at the challenges you face every day, from outlining the traps and pitfalls that could limit the non-participating spouse's rights to deciding when Social Security should be offset against the other's pension, to dealing with the shortcomings of receiving offsetting assets in lieu of a QDRO. Plus, you'll get numerous tables, models, case studies, and more.

592 pages; includes latest annual supplement.