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Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook
Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook
Our Price: $99.00

Trial Prep for Paralegals
Trial Prep for Paralegals
Our Price: $35.00

By Michael L. Coyne and Ursula Furi-Perry

Give this book to your paralegals and turn them into more efficient, effective litigation assistants!

This book gives paralegals an overview of the trial process, then provides practical training on the specific skills you need them to master: case management, interviewing, investigation, exhibit prep, document management, assisting with discovery and depositions, even e-discovery and trial technology. Additional chapters provide tips on working with attorneys, clients and opposing counsel; handling the stress of trial; and ethical issues.

This book will save you many hours of training and help your paralegals avoid mistakes and do things right the first time. It’s a terrific investment in your practice!

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One volume, softbound, 223 pages.
Trying Cases to Win
Trying Cases to Win
Our Price: $129.95

By Herbert J. Stern and Stephen J. Saltzburg

Here’s a new edition of one of the most brilliant and inspiring trial manuals ever written. The book explodes the many fallacies that are routinely taught in civil and criminal trial courses, and shows you how to powerfully persuade jurors every step of the way.

You’ll learn:

* Why 97% of what you’ve read about opening statement is wrong, and how to do it right.

* The #1 most important thing that must be established by your courtroom demeanor, and why.

* How to handle alternative arguments (e.g., arguing against liability while arguing damages), and why most lawyers shoot themselves in the foot

* A definitive answer to the “primacy vs. recency” debate (and you might be surprised by the result)

* Why it’s often good for you when your opponent objects

* Why you should never mention the burden of proof (except in one special case)

* The right way to use displays and illustrations

* A simple technique to turn weaknesses in your case into strengths

* How to make your own witnesses more credible to jurors, and how to emphasize their strong points without sounding repetitive

* Why most witness preparation is a complete waste of time, and how to do it right

* The surprising truth about the best order to present witnesses

* The real purpose of cross-examination, and why the “rules” about leading questions and always knowing the answer sometimes hurt your effectiveness

* Why you should cross-examine most witnesses even if they didn't hurt you

* Why so many lawyers over-authenticate exhibits – and offer them at the wrong time

* How to handle opposing witnesses who blurt out damaging comments during cross

* The main goal of closing argument (hint: it’s not to persuade the jurors)

State of the art. The bible for all jury trial lawyers.” – Ted Wells, co-chair, litigation department, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison

One volume, hardbound, 414 pages. Published in 2013.

Model Witness Examinations, Third Edition
Model Witness Examinations, Third Edition
Our Price: $79.95

By Paul Mark Sandler and James K. Archibald

Never be at a loss for how to correctly introduce evidence or prove facts! This book will walk you through virtually any scenario and show you how to handle it correctly under the rules of evidence.

For each scenario – there are 70 in the book – you’ll get trial-proven sequences of questions that translate the rules into examinations that will correctly prove facts, and are easily molded to your specific case. Plus you’ll get clear explanations, key cases, rules, and secondary authorities – citations that are readily accessible, even in mid-trial – along with tactical and strategic guidance.

The scenarios include:
• Documents
• Best Evidence and Original Document Problems
• Demonstrative and Real Evidence
• Opinions of the Lay Witness
• Opinions of the Expert
• Character, Habit and Custom
• General Interest
• Prior Inconsistent Statements
• Use of Textbooks
• Redirect
• Depositions
• Interrogatories

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One volume, softbound, 312 pages.
Massachusetts Bad Faith Insurance Litigation
Massachusetts Bad Faith Insurance Litigation
Our Price: $99.00

By Sean Carnathan

Here’s the first book ever published that gives you a complete guide to bad faith insurance cases under Chapter 176D.

You’ll get a history of bad faith law in Massachusetts, a comprehensive analysis of the statute (as well as related bases for suits), and a helpful discussion of first-party vs. third-party claims.

But that’s just the beginning. Author Sean Carnathan, a seasoned litigator, walks you through all the practical issues – the demand letter, the statute of limitations, pleadings, discovery, typical evidentiary problems, common and less-common insurer defenses, how to use experts, interest and attorney fee awards, appeals and more.

The book is written in plain English, but backed up by thousands of detailed citations and numerous sample documents. It’s like bringing in highly experienced co-counsel to walk you through every step of your case – for less than the cost of an hour of your time.

One volume, softbound, 187 pages, Your purchase includes a subscription to our supplement service so you'll always be up-to-date. (You can cancel this service at any time.)
Preparing Witnesses, Fourth Edition
Preparing Witnesses, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $99.95

By Daniel I. Small

Here are great ideas and insight on how to prepare witnesses to shine at trial, including real-life examples to drive home key points for witnesses to remember. This classic text has been expanded with new chapters including detailed discussions of preparing party witnesses, doctors, experts, corporate representatives, criminal defendants, grand jury witnesses, witnesses for whom English is a second language, and more.

“Dan Small defines preparation like nobody else in the vast literature of trial practice. His step-by-step guide is both a model of clarity and a paragon of completeness.” -- Alex Sanders, Former Chief Judge, South Carolina Court of Appeals.

One volume, softbound, 289 pages plus CD-Rom. Published in 2014.
The Science of Persuasion, Second Edition
The Science of Persuasion, Second Edition
Our Price: $99.95

By Brad Bradshaw, Ph.D.

The ability to persuade comes naturally to some people and is completely foreign to others, but there is a science behind it, one that you can learn and apply. Brad Bradshaw holds a Ph.D. in psychology and specializes in persuasion and juror decision-making. In this book, he walks you through every stage of trial and offers comprehensive information and advice on what jurors are thinking when, and how to influence them in the most effective ways.

There are hundreds of books on trial strategy. But this book is unique in that it focuses on juror psychology. It will change the way you think about a trial, and make you focus at each stage on how jurors are thinking and how to persuade them to see things in the light most favorable to you.

One volume, softbound, 343 pages. Published in 2014.
Acting Skills for Lawyers
Acting Skills for Lawyers
Our Price: $59.95

By Laura Mathis

In this innovative book, you'll learn how to develop and use stage presence, use an actor’s voice and gestures, develop different characters for different audiences, deliver effective speeches, adopt the role of talk-show host for depositions, improvise in unprepared situations, incorporate the skills of great storytellers, be the acting coach for your witness, use monologue skills in your closing arguments, and even take the perfect professional photo!

You’ll be let in on the techniques and training used by famous actors, and how to apply them to your work as a lawyer. You’ll learn how to be completely present in the moment, in a focused, authentic, and powerful way, and use your own personality to succeed while radiating passion and commitment. A truly original book that will help you in myriad situations!

One volume, softbound, 152 pages.
Effective Depositions, Second Edition
Effective Depositions, Second Edition
Our Price: $149.95

By Henry L. Hecht

Here’s an exhaustive book that provides a wealth of seasoned advice on taking and defending depositions. Detailed and extremely practical chapters include witness preparation, the best questioning techniques, video deposition considerations, dealing with problem witnesses (and lawyers), expert depositions, taking advantage of real-time transcription, using depositions at trial, deposition management software, using documents in depositions, privilege issues, and much more.

"This useful new book offers a wealth of practical advice as well as important strategic and tactical concerns … An excellent reference on a critical aspect of most lawsuits." – Jerold S. Solovy, Chairman Emeritus, Jenner & Block LLP.

“If you have only one book on depositions, this should be it." – James W. McElhaney, author of McElhaney's Trial Notebook.

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One volume, softbound, 866 pages.

McElhaney's Trial Notebook
McElhaney's Trial Notebook
Our Price: $64.95

By James McElhaney

One of the all-time best-selling books on trial practice, this edition is newly expanded and now includes 90 chapters of techniques, tactics and strategies for every stage of trial. Used again and again by thousands of trial lawyers, this is a book full of valuable, practical ideas that you really will use every day in court.

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The Effective Deposition: Techniques and Strategies That Work, Fifth Edition
The Effective Deposition: Techniques and Strategies That Work, Fifth Edition
Our Price: $95.00

By David M. Malone and Peter T. Hoffman

This book will show you the secrets not only of taking depositions in preparation for trial, but of taking and using depositions in the context of arbitration, mediation, mini-trials, settlement negotiations and dispositive motions. You’ll learn how depositions in these other contexts require different skills for preparing witnesses, witness examination, use of exhibits, and making and meeting objections than those you learned in law school. Plus, you’ll get the latest advice on how deposition strategy is being changed by new technology, including videotaped depositions,  real-time transcription, digital documents, digital transcription, and the interface of depositions with electronic discovery. A new appendix provides a great resource on depositions in the context of Daubert issues. Published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

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Children in the Courtroom
Children in the Courtroom
Our Price: $35.00

By Sherrie Bourg Carter

Most attorneys have little experience with child witnesses, and little or no understanding of how to determine competency, how to prepare a child witness, how to conduct questioning at trial, or how to attack the validity of a child’s testimony.

This terrifically valuable book fills a critical gap and provides in-depth, practical guidance on the realities of children’s ability to testify and the best ways for advocates to handle child testimony.

You’ll learn how to determine whether a child is competent to testify; when a child’s testimony is (and isn’t) trustworthy; proper interview procedures; the many ways that improper procedures can taint a child’s statements; how a child’s ability to recall and testify is affected by developmental, psychological, and cultural issues; how to prepare, question, and cross-examine a child in court; minor changes you can make in the courtroom to get the best results; and much more.

An appendix provides a practical questioning guide to establish (or question) a child’s ability to testify.

One volume, softbound, 169 pages.
Liability Insurance Law in Massachusetts 2016 Supplement
Liability Insurance Law in Massachusetts 2016 Supplement
Our Price: $39.95

Liability Insurance Law in Massachusetts
2016 Cumulative Supplement
Replaces Previous Supplement

Michael R. Byrne
Andre A. Sansoucy (1957-2014)