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Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Our Price: $237.00

By Jonathan Sablone, chair, Nixon Peabody LLP Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Team

Here’s the leading source for practical, in-depth guidance on electronic discovery in light of the newly adopted amendments to the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure dealing with eDiscovery.

This complete, authoritative resource will explain how to locate and introduce electronically stored information, including information from other jurisdictions, from non-parties, from social media, and from cloud storage. You’ll get expert advice on preservation and management of electronic information, making and opposing motions for disclosure, and avoiding ethical traps.

Plus, you’ll get 67 checklists, 250 practice tips, dozens of extremely helpful forms, and a complete glossary.

One volume, softbound, published in 2016.
Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook
Our Price: $99.00

The new Jury Trial Benchbook, Third Edition is being officially distributed by the Flaschner Judicial Institute to every judge in Massachusetts who handles jury trials, to be used as a “playbook” for answering any possible question about trial issues. It’s a work you’ll want on your desk and in your briefcase whenever you go to court. (And if you don’t go to court frequently, you’ll especially want the one book with all the answers!)

The Benchbook has been completely rewritten and updated for 2016. You’ll get detailed, authoritative answers on:
* . Attorney-conducted voir dire (alone worth the price of the book)
. Every facet of jury instructions

* . What’s now okay and what’s not in mentioning damages in closing argument

* . Juror notebooks

* . Jury questionnaires

* . Expert witness issues

* . What crosses the line in opening statements

* . Model voir dire questions for numerous specific issues and circumstances

* . How to resolve all sorts of common impanelment problems

* . Peremptory challenges

* . Juror colloquies

* . Model jury instructions

* . Judges’ tips for the most effective use of jurors

* . And practical guidance on dozens of other topics

Plus, everything is backed up with citations to relevant statutes, cases and court rules.

The Benchbook is written by Judge Peter Lauriat and Judge Douglas Wilkins – two of the state’s best-known and most respected experts on jury trials.

Massachusetts Bad Faith Insurance Litigation
Our Price: $99.00

By Sean Carnathan

Here’s the first book ever published that gives you a complete guide to bad faith insurance cases under Chapter 176D.

You’ll get a history of bad faith law in Massachusetts, a comprehensive analysis of the statute (as well as related bases for suits), and a helpful discussion of first-party vs. third-party claims.

But that’s just the beginning. Author Sean Carnathan, a seasoned litigator, walks you through all the practical issues – the demand letter, the statute of limitations, pleadings, discovery, typical evidentiary problems, common and less-common insurer defenses, how to use experts, interest and attorney fee awards, appeals and more.

The book is written in plain English, but backed up by thousands of detailed citations and numerous sample documents. It’s like bringing in highly experienced co-counsel to walk you through every step of your case – for less than the cost of an hour of your time.

One volume, softbound, 187 pages, Your purchase includes a subscription to our supplement service so you'll always be up-to-date. (You can cancel this service at any time.)
Liability Insurance Law in Massachusetts, Second Edition
Our Price: $129.95

By Andre Sansoucy of Melick & Porter, LLP

Here's the definitive treatise on liability insurance, including uninsured and underinsured coverage, CGL, homeowners and specialized coverages, as well as c. 93A claims. The book is organized the same way the policies are, so you can immediately find a complete discussion of any language at issue. Also includes the full text of the most common policies and endorsements and all relevant statutes.

One volume, hardbound, 497 pages, plus the latest supplement. Your purchase includes a subscription to our supplement service so you'll always be up-to-date. You can cancel this service at any time.
Massachusetts Appellate Division Advance Sheets
Our Price: $80.00

Get monthly advance sheets with the latest cases from the Appellate Division of the District Court. With the statewide adoption of the one-trial system, keeping up with the Appellate Division is more important than ever. Shipping is free!
Massachusetts Residential Landlord-Tenant Benchbook, Third Edition
Our Price: $129.95

If you handle summary process evictions in Massachusetts, this is a truly essential resource – the only book you need to handle these cases successfully!

Prepared by the Flaschner Judicial Institute and officially distributed as a guidebook to all judges in the state who handle these cases, this edition has been completely revised. It includes a complete overview of summary process, an in-depth analysis of all common legal issues (including foreclosures), plus complete jury instructions, forms, rules, statutes, and regulations. In addition, you’ll get hundreds of pages of critical case law – not available in one place anywhere else!

Armed with this book, you’ll know exactly what the judge is thinking, and be literally “on the same page” with the judge.

One volume, large format, softbound.
Handbook of Civil Procedure in the Massachusetts District Court (4th edition)
Our Price: $129.95

By Professor Marc G. Perlin and retired District Court administrator John M. Connors

Get the 2017 cumulative supplement completely free when you purchase the Handbook!

With record numbers of new civil filings in the District Court, it’s more important than ever to have all the details of District Court civil procedure at your fingertips…
* To take advantage of all the procedural options that can speed your plaintiff's case – or maximize your defense.
* To avoid missteps that can cause procedural confusion, unproductive delays and needless trips to court.
* To effectively – and efficiently – navigate your way to the best result possible for your client.

Purchase the Handbook today and become an instant master of District Court civil procedure. The book covers every new procedural step and every “trap for the unwary.”

The Handbook has been cited numerous times in opinions by the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, and the Appellate Divisions of the District and Boston Municipal Courts. It will give you all the answers to the hundreds of questions that arise in your busy practice.

One volume, hardbound, 688 pages, plus the 2017 Cumulative Supplement. Your purchase includes a subscription to our supplement service so you'll always be up-to-date. (You can cancel this service at any time.)
Official Notary Journal for Massachusetts
Our Price: $9.95

The Official Notary Journal for Massachusetts, published by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and the Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts, is specifically designed to meet ALL requirements of state law, including Executive Order No. 455 (04-04). Be careful: Many generic notary journals say they are valid in “all states,” but they do NOT contain all the fields recommended or required by Executive Order No. 455 (04-04).

With the Official Notary Journal for Massachusetts, you can be sure you’re keeping your records the right way. Order yours today!
Massachusetts Appellate Division Reports, Complete Set (1992-2015)
Our Price: $199.00

For a limited time, get a huge discount on a complete set of the bound volumes of decisions of the Massachusetts Appellate Division. This is the court's official reporter and includes exclusive headnotes and the court's official pagination. Each volume is fully indexed.

Now you can have a complete set for your library - 24 volumes - for the cost of a single treatise! You owe it to yourself to have a set of the official reports. Don’t just rely on online versions, which may omit the court’s official pagination and other important information.

Note: This offer includes the 2015 bound volume, which will be published in early 2016 and may ship separately.

(Your purchase includes our supplement service so you'll receive future volumes as they are published. You're under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.)
Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law
Our Price: $257.00

By the Hon. Joseph A. Grasso, Jr. and the Hon. Christine M. McEvoy

Here’s the premier source for analyzing, preparing and defending motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications. This indispensable guide will help you analyze fact patterns, recognize problems, and understand and advance the relevant suppression issue.

Because state law is more defendant-friendly than federal law, lawyers need to master the peculiarities and protections afforded by Articles 12 and 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and common law. This clearly written and easy-to-use reference helps you grasp the subtleties of the state's unique constitutional and common-law protections quickly and efficiently.
Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook, 2016 Edition
Our Price: $59.95

By James F. Comerford

Here's the critical language and holding of every significant Massachusetts decision on motor vehicle stops, plus a highly detailed, easy-to-use table of contents – with 38 issues of law and more than 350 nuances – so you can instantly pinpoint the controlling issue in your case.

This book has been officially distributed by the Flaschner Judicial Institute to every trial judge in the Commonwealth who sits on criminal matters, to be used as a guidebook for answering questions about traffic stops. It was approved by an editorial committee consisting of prominent judges from the SJC, the Superior Court and the District Court.

Click here to see the table of contents.

One volume, softbound, 300 pages.
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2015 Edition
Our Price: $355.00

By Mark S. Brodin and Michael Avery

This comprehensive and practical guide to the law of Massachusetts evidence gives you the latest case law and up-to-date information on all evidentiary matters, including relevance, scientific and statistical evidence, character evidence, admissibility of confessions, privileges and disqualifications, expert testimony, and the domestic abuse prevention statute. It includes detailed references to all significant Massachusetts and federal cases with a bearing on the law of evidence. This trial attorney’s ‘bible’ provides all the insightful analysis you need for practical, day-to-day use.

One volume, 986 pages.
Guardianship and Conservatorship in Massachusetts, Third Edition
Our Price: $230.00

By Jinanne S.J. Elder, Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, Jennifer Rivera Ulwick, and John G. Dugan

This complete practice manual will teach you the workings of the system – all the players, rules, and documents that are necessary to do your job well. Now you can devise strategies guided by authors who have “been there” and understand the huge demands on your time. Learn, for example, how to persuade the court regarding a person's right to die, whether to medicate for psychotic symptoms, whether to limit or expand a guardian's powers, a ward's right to vote, whether a mentally retarded woman can be sterilized, and when a child should be removed to the custody of the DSS.

One volume, hardbound, with current supplement. Your purchase includes a supplement service so you’ll never be out-of-date. You’re under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.
Writing for the Superior Court (2-CD Audio Set)
Our Price: $29.95

Hear directly from Massachusetts Superior Court judges what they want to see (and don't want to see) in written submissions. Judges Burnes, Lauriat, van Gestel and Sanders tell you specifically what they find persuasive in motions, briefs and other documents, and give you helpful examples of both good writing and bad writing. More than an hour and a half of pithy advice on two CDs that you'll want to listen to over and over. This is a recording of an excellent, practical seminar presented by the Social Law Library and Lawyers Weekly.

Click here to view the table of contents.
Writing for the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court (3-CD Audio Set)
Our Price: $29.95

By the Hon. John M. Greaney, Hon. Cynthia J. Cohen, Howard M. Cooper, Marguerite T. Grant, Michael J. Traft, and Judith S. Yogman

Don’t even think of writing a brief for the Massachusetts Appeals Court or SJC without listening to this unique recording full of practical suggestions from judges on the court and from highly experienced practitioners. This 3-CD set provides almost three hours of excellent advice that is unavailable anywhere else. Recorded live at a seminar sponsored by Lawyers Weekly and the Social Law Library.