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Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Our Price: $237.00

By Jonathan Sablone, chair, Nixon Peabody LLP Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Team

Here’s the leading source for practical, in-depth guidance on electronic discovery in light of the newly adopted amendments to the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure dealing with eDiscovery.

This complete, authoritative resource will explain how to locate and introduce electronically stored information, including information from other jurisdictions, from non-parties, from social media, and from cloud storage. You’ll get expert advice on preservation and management of electronic information, making and opposing motions for disclosure, and avoiding ethical traps.

Plus, you’ll get 67 checklists, 250 practice tips, dozens of extremely helpful forms, and a complete glossary.

One volume, softbound, published in 2016.
Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques
Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques
Our Price: $79.95

By Joshua Briones and Ana Tagvoryan

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have become an evidentiary gold mine for impeaching witnesses and undermining an opponent’s litigation position. This book will show you how to use this evidence to your advantage! You’ll learn:

• The latest rules for the preservation and use of social media data
• How to obtain evidence through social media during discovery
• How to evaluate and authenticate social media data
• How to use social media at trial by researching jurors, judges, and expert witnesses
• The relevant ethical considerations and privacy rules
• How to deal with litigation holds on social media
• How to advise clients on social media records retention
• And much more!

One volume, softbound, 109 pages.
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2015 Edition
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2015 Edition
Our Price: $355.00

By Mark S. Brodin and Michael Avery

This comprehensive and practical guide to the law of Massachusetts evidence gives you the latest case law and up-to-date information on all evidentiary matters, including relevance, scientific and statistical evidence, character evidence, admissibility of confessions, privileges and disqualifications, expert testimony, and the domestic abuse prevention statute. It includes detailed references to all significant Massachusetts and federal cases with a bearing on the law of evidence. This trial attorney’s ‘bible’ provides all the insightful analysis you need for practical, day-to-day use.

One volume, 986 pages.
Judge Young on Evidence (8-CD Audio Set)
Judge Young on Evidence (8-CD Audio Set)
Our Price: $49.95

U.S. District Court Judge William Young of Boston, a dynamic speaker, presents evidence principles in an unforgettable way. In this 8-CD set, he analyzes relevance, hearsay, expert witness issues, presumptions, the Confrontation Clause, and the admission of exhibits.
The Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook
The Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook
Our Price: $149.95

By Steven N. Peskind

There are lots of books on evidence, but here’s a book specifically written for family law attorneys. It explains the rules in plain English, with extra care given to how they apply to divorce cases and practice pointers for applying them. How can you establish that the other spouse has a bad temper, authenticate a digital photo, or introduce a text message or chat room conversation? You’ll find all the answers here.

Click here to view the table of contents.

One volume, softbound, 383 pages. Published in 2013.
The Law of Evidence in Virginia, Seventh Edition
The Law of Evidence in Virginia, Seventh Edition
Our Price: $259.00

By Charles E. Friend and Kent Sinclair

Here’s an authoritative, practical, step-by-step guide to Virginia evidence law. The book will answer all your questions on examining witness (including expert witnesses), character evidence, competency, impeachment, privileges, presumptions, relevance, circumstantial evidence, scientific evidence, hearsay and much more.

One volume, hardbound, 1,461 pages, plus the latest cumulative supplement.
North Carolina Rules of Evidence with Objections
North Carolina Rules of Evidence with Objections
Our Price: $35.00

By Adrienne M. Fox, Anthony J. Bocchino, and David A. Sonenshein

At 4-by-6 inches, this complete reference guide to North Carolina evidence travels easily to the courtroom. Objections, followed by the accurate responses, are listed alphabetically with thumb tabs so that you can go right to them. Includes the complete North Carolina Rules of Evidence, with the latest revisions as passed by the General Assembly, plus crucial practice tips and legal interpretations. Published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.