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Litigating the Nursing Home Case, Second Edition
Litigating the Nursing Home Case, Second Edition
Our Price: $159.95

By James T. O'Reilly and Katharine Van Tassel

Brand new edition! Here’s the step-by-step guidance you need to successfully litigate a nursing home case. This book explains the nursing home environment – its organization and structure – and details the responsibilities and liability of management, nurses and physicians. It then provides detailed discussions of the various bases for nursing home claims: ulcers and infections; falls, wandering and escape, assault and abuse, improper patient restraints, drug errors, malnutrition and dehydration, improper expulsion for payment issues, and more.

Finally, the book gives you detailed instructions and advice on evaluating plaintiffs, assembling a complaint, motion practice, challenging arbitration provisions in contracts, piercing the LLC structure, witnesses, documentation, causes of action, damages, trial procedure, insurance coverage, and liens and offsets.

This book is a must for any lawyer who represents nursing home patients! One volume, softbound, 468 pages. Published in 2014.
Elder Law Answer Book, Fourth Edition
Elder Law Answer Book, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $450.00

By Robert B. Fleming and Lisa Nachmias Davis

Nationally-known elder law attorney Robert Fleming has gathered the most current legal, regulatory, and practice guidelines for elder law, long-term care, estate planning, retirement planning, healthcare decision making and the rights of the elderly, and presents all this information in a thoroughly integrated, easy-access one-volume reference.

Special attention is paid to retirement planning, demystifying qualified and non-qualified plans; the complex rules that govern what, when and how benefits are paid through IRAs; who can contribute; how much can be contributed on a deferred tax basis; and the rules and tax consequences of distributions from these plans.

One volume, 1,200+ pages.
Guardianship and Conservatorship in Massachusetts, Third Edition
Guardianship and Conservatorship in Massachusetts, Third Edition
Our Price: $230.00

By Jinanne S.J. Elder, Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, Jennifer Rivera Ulwick, and John G. Dugan

This complete practice manual will teach you the workings of the system – all the players, rules, and documents that are necessary to do your job well. Now you can devise strategies guided by authors who have “been there” and understand the huge demands on your time. Learn, for example, how to persuade the court regarding a person's right to die, whether to medicate for psychotic symptoms, whether to limit or expand a guardian's powers, a ward's right to vote, whether a mentally retarded woman can be sterilized, and when a child should be removed to the custody of the DSS.

One volume, hardbound, with current supplement. Your purchase includes a supplement service so you’ll never be out-of-date. You’re under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.
Medical-Legal Aspects of Long-Term Care
Medical-Legal Aspects of Long-Term Care
Our Price: $95.00

Here’s a guide to nursing homes and the care they provide that will be an essential resource for any lawyer handing a case involving s nursing home injury.

The book provides a useful introduction to the nursing home industry, resident assessment practices, care planning, and the federal survey process. Then it provides detailed discussions of what can go wrong in nursing homes and why, including problems with understaffing, pain management, dementia, dysphagia, adverse drug events, nutrition and hydration, wound care, bedsores, psychopharmacology drugs, falls and fall-related injuries, bed safety and physical restraints, and physical abuse and neglect.

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One volume, casebound, 384 pages.