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Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Our Price: $237.00

By Jonathan Sablone, chair, Nixon Peabody LLP Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Team

Here’s the leading source for practical, in-depth guidance on electronic discovery in light of the newly adopted amendments to the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure dealing with eDiscovery.

This complete, authoritative resource will explain how to locate and introduce electronically stored information, including information from other jurisdictions, from non-parties, from social media, and from cloud storage. You’ll get expert advice on preservation and management of electronic information, making and opposing motions for disclosure, and avoiding ethical traps.

Plus, you’ll get 67 checklists, 250 practice tips, dozens of extremely helpful forms, and a complete glossary.

One volume, softbound, published in 2016.
Electronic Discovery for Small Cases
Our Price: $79.95

By Bruce A. Olson and Tom O'Connor

Electronic discovery can be expensive, and making it worthwhile in a small or routine case is a challenge. Now, two leading authors on the topic “get real” and present effective, budget-friendly solutions for collecting and analyzing electronic evidence, including extensive reviews of software products that will find what you need while trimming your discovery costs to suit the size of the matter at hand.

You’ll learn how to determine if you should collect the electronic information yourself or hire a consultant; get the best collection tool for your budget; use cloud-based applications; publish a searchable document collection on a CD, DVD, or flash drive; work with electronic records at mediation, arbitration, or trial; and much more.

“Marvelous…incredibly helpful…If you are an attorney with 'garden variety' cases involving e-discovery, this book is indispensible." – Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., president of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

"In actuality, most e-discovery in this country…needs to be performed in a case that has a low-dollar value for a client with a limited budget. For any attorney that needs to perform small case dilemma e-discovery, Bruce A. Olson and Tom O'Connor's book Electronic Discovery for Small Cases is a necessary read."  -- Thomas R. McLean, M.D., J.D.

One volume, softbound, 139 pages.
Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques
Our Price: $79.95

By Joshua Briones and Ana Tagvoryan

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have become an evidentiary gold mine for impeaching witnesses and undermining an opponent’s litigation position. This book will show you how to use this evidence to your advantage! You’ll learn:

• The latest rules for the preservation and use of social media data
• How to obtain evidence through social media during discovery
• How to evaluate and authenticate social media data
• How to use social media at trial by researching jurors, judges, and expert witnesses
• The relevant ethical considerations and privacy rules
• How to deal with litigation holds on social media
• How to advise clients on social media records retention
• And much more!

One volume, softbound, 109 pages.
Effective Depositions, Second Edition
Our Price: $149.95

By Henry L. Hecht

Here’s an exhaustive book that provides a wealth of seasoned advice on taking and defending depositions. Detailed and extremely practical chapters include witness preparation, the best questioning techniques, video deposition considerations, dealing with problem witnesses (and lawyers), expert depositions, taking advantage of real-time transcription, using depositions at trial, deposition management software, using documents in depositions, privilege issues, and much more.

"This useful new book offers a wealth of practical advice as well as important strategic and tactical concerns … An excellent reference on a critical aspect of most lawsuits." – Jerold S. Solovy, Chairman Emeritus, Jenner & Block LLP.

“If you have only one book on depositions, this should be it." – James W. McElhaney, author of McElhaney's Trial Notebook.

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One volume, softbound, 866 pages.