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Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook
Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook
Our Price: $99.00

The new Jury Trial Benchbook, Third Edition is being officially distributed by the Flaschner Judicial Institute to every judge in Massachusetts who handles jury trials, to be used as a “playbook” for answering any possible question about trial issues. It’s a work you’ll want on your desk and in your briefcase whenever you go to court. (And if you don’t go to court frequently, you’ll especially want the one book with all the answers!)

The Benchbook has been completely rewritten and updated for 2016. You’ll get detailed, authoritative answers on:
* . Attorney-conducted voir dire (alone worth the price of the book)
. Every facet of jury instructions

* . What’s now okay and what’s not in mentioning damages in closing argument

* . Juror notebooks

* . Jury questionnaires

* . Expert witness issues

* . What crosses the line in opening statements

* . Model voir dire questions for numerous specific issues and circumstances

* . How to resolve all sorts of common impanelment problems

* . Peremptory challenges

* . Juror colloquies

* . Model jury instructions

* . Judges’ tips for the most effective use of jurors

* . And practical guidance on dozens of other topics

Plus, everything is backed up with citations to relevant statutes, cases and court rules.

The Benchbook is written by Judge Peter Lauriat and Judge Douglas Wilkins – two of the state’s best-known and most respected experts on jury trials.

Garriott’s Medicolegal Aspects of Alcohol, Sixth Edition
Garriott’s Medicolegal Aspects of Alcohol, Sixth Edition
Our Price: $199.00

This book is the “gold standard” for understanding and attacking alcohol testing. In clear terms, it explains the chemistry of alcohol and how it affects the body, the basis for and types of alcohol testing, and how the tests can go awry (and be challenged) based on specimen collection and storage, interference, mechanical and calibration problems, statistical issues, and dozens of other potential problems. Clearly written, yet comprehensive and technically sound, this book will show you how to understand and challenge alcohol tests with authority.

Click here to read the table of contents.

Mirandized Statements
Mirandized Statements
Our Price: $89.95

By Richard Rogers and Eric Drogin

If you ever have a case involving the validity of a Miranda waiver, here’s the one book you need!

The book reviews the law of Miranda and the surprising variety of language used to inform suspects of their rights. And it provides in-depth analysis of how to argue that a waiver was or was not voluntary. You’ll get the latest research, arguments and case law based on confusing language, mental illness, intellectual disability, lack of education, and common faulty assumptions. You’ll learn in clear, non-technical language how to use scientific and psychological studies and work with experts. Plus, you’ll get detailed analysis of Miranda warnings as they affect juveniles and non-native speakers (including common faulty translations).

This is the essential resource for prosecutors and defense counsel who confront Miranda issues in their practice.

One volume, softbound, 299 pages. Published in 2014.
Eyewitness Testimony, Fifth Edition
Eyewitness Testimony, Fifth Edition
Our Price: $215.00

By Elizabeth F. Loftus, Ph.D., James M. Doyle, Esq., and Jennifer E. Dysart, Ph.D.

Here are proven, state-of-the-art, step-by-step methods of critiquing eyewitness testimony at each phase of trial and swaying a jury to your side! First, you’ll get the latest psychological research (in plain English) on the fallibility of eyewitness memory, as well as on jurors’ beliefs about eyewitness testimony. Then, you’ll get specific, courtroom-ready techniques you can use for suppression hearings, plea bargaining, jury selection, jury education, opening statements, direct and cross-examination, presenting expert testimony, jury instructions, and closing argument. This is a must-have text co-written by experts in eyewitness psychology and a highly regarded trial lawyer.

Click here to view the table of contents.

One volume, hardbound, 471 pages.

Your purchase includes a supplement service so you’ll never be out-of-date. You’re under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.
Sexual Assault Trials, Fourth Edition
Sexual Assault Trials, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $235.00

By Paul DerOhannesian II

Here’s everything you need! Get expert guidance on discovery, pretrial issues, jury selection, direct and cross-examination, and jury instructions, plus medical and scientific issues such as interpreting physical findings, psychological aspects, and DNA technology. You’ll also get the latest on hearsay, expert psychological testimony, digital photographs, authenticating computer evidence, child pornography issues, disclosure of information under Brady, and polygraph evidence. A complete, up-to-date manual written by a trial lawyer for trial lawyers. Includes sample motions, orders, openings, closings, and witness examinations and cross-examinations.

Two hardbound volumes, over 1,600 pages, published in 2014.
Drunk Driving Defense, Seventh Edition
Drunk Driving Defense, Seventh Edition
Our Price: $316.00

Here's the leading book in the field on representing drunk driving defendants, It provides hard-hitting tactics every step of the way, from the administrative license suspension hearing, to the pretrial investigation, to cross-examination of police and expert witnesses, all the way to jury summation. You’ll get practice-proven defense strategies to:
     • Increase the odds of success at the administrative license suspension hearing
     • Use pretrial discovery and suppression motions to weaken a case or get it dismissed
     • Discredit field sobriety tests using leading-edge techniques
     • Use newly-developed and highly effective voir dire methods
     • Attack breath, blood and urine test with all the latest cutting-edge ideas

Plus you’ll get the latest strategies on sentencing of non-citizens, the SCRAM alcohol monitor, handling DUI by marijuana cases, the source code issue in breath testing devices, using recent U.S. Supreme Court cases on the admissibility of chemical test evidence, and much more.

You'll also get a CD-Rom with bonus resources including:
     • Dozens of quick-reference checklists to help you avoid critical missteps
     • Sample motions, including motions that will help you facilitate discovery and suppress blood alcohol evidence
     • More than 150 pages of verbatim direct and cross-examination testimony and statements
     • Sample arrest reports, instrument instructions and other forms used by police agencies
     • Comprehensive attorney-client interview questionnaires
     • Detailed operator's manuals for the most current blood alcohol testing equipment

1,193 pages plus CD-Rom.
Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Delinquency Cases
Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Delinquency Cases
Our Price: $129.95

By Randy Hertz, Martin Guggenheim, and Anthony G. Amsterdam

Here’s a comprehensive manual for handling juvenile court cases. Learn from top experts how to interview and counsel juvenile clients, deal with parents, handle delinquency bench trials, argue the voluntariness of a Miranda waiver for juveniles, use appropriate expert witnesses, handle transfers to adult court, plea bargain, move to dismiss for social reasons, work with (and cross-examine) child witnesses, deal with social workers, advise parents and children on the dispositional phase, and much more. This is a complete, full-scope defense manual geared specifically to the juvenile practitioner.

One volume, softbound, 1,176 pages. Published in 2014.
Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law
Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law
Our Price: $278.00

By the Hon. Joseph A. Grasso, Jr. and the Hon. Christine M. McEvoy

Here’s the premier source for analyzing, preparing and defending motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications. This indispensable guide will help you analyze fact patterns, recognize problems, and understand and advance the relevant suppression issue.

Because state law is more defendant-friendly than federal law, lawyers need to master the peculiarities and protections afforded by Articles 12 and 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and common law. This clearly written and easy-to-use reference helps you grasp the subtleties of the state's unique constitutional and common-law protections quickly and efficiently.
Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook, 2016 Edition
Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook, 2016 Edition
Our Price: $59.95

By James F. Comerford

Here's the critical language and holding of every significant Massachusetts decision on motor vehicle stops, plus a highly detailed, easy-to-use table of contents – with 38 issues of law and more than 350 nuances – so you can instantly pinpoint the controlling issue in your case.

This book has been officially distributed by the Flaschner Judicial Institute to every trial judge in the Commonwealth who sits on criminal matters, to be used as a guidebook for answering questions about traffic stops. It was approved by an editorial committee consisting of prominent judges from the SJC, the Superior Court and the District Court.

Click here to see the table of contents.

One volume, softbound, 300 pages.
Pretrial Motions in Criminal Prosecutions, Fourth Edition
Pretrial Motions in Criminal Prosecutions, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $184.00

Here's a comprehensive, current guide that will answer all your questions about criminal pretrial motions. The text is thorough and practical and the footnotes are studded with thousands of detailed citations. The book is sensibly organized so you can immediately find the answer to any issue. It covers motions to suppress, search and seizure, confessions and admissions, identification procedures, discovery, competency, motions to quash subpoenas, pretrial detention and review of pretrial release conditions, forfeiture, motions to dismiss indictments, joinder and severance, motions in limine, change of venue, sealing the record, excluding the public or press, disqualification, continuances, withdrawals of guilty pleas and more. Includes an appendix of sample motions.

Click here to view the table of contents.

One volume, hardcover, 1,175 pages; includes the latest supplement.
The Best Story Wins...and Other Advice for New Prosecutors
The Best Story Wins...and Other Advice for New Prosecutors
Our Price: $30.00

By John Bobo

Here’s the best book ever written on what it’s really like to be a prosecutor and how to adapt quickly and effectively to this role. Written in a fast-paced, down-to-earth style, it’s jam-packed with smart, real-world advice from someone who’s “been there” and learned all the lessons and all the tricks. There is no better introduction to being a prosecutor…it’s worth a year or two of experience at least!

“Should be on the desk of every prosecutor in the country.” – Rick Knight, Assistant Prosecutor, Kansas City, Missouri.

“An excellent read with incredibly helpful and practical suggestions.” – Gene Rossi, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Chief, Specials Unit, Eastern District of Virginia.

“A must read…I am putting it on my law students’ reading list now.” – Joe McCormack, Bureau Chief, Bronx District Attorney’s Office and Adjunct Professor, St. John’s School of Law.

One volume, softbound, 245 pages.
Children in the Courtroom
Children in the Courtroom
Our Price: $35.00

By Sherrie Bourg Carter

Most attorneys have little experience with child witnesses, and little or no understanding of how to determine competency, how to prepare a child witness, how to conduct questioning at trial, or how to attack the validity of a child’s testimony.

This terrifically valuable book fills a critical gap and provides in-depth, practical guidance on the realities of children’s ability to testify and the best ways for advocates to handle child testimony.

You’ll learn how to determine whether a child is competent to testify; when a child’s testimony is (and isn’t) trustworthy; proper interview procedures; the many ways that improper procedures can taint a child’s statements; how a child’s ability to recall and testify is affected by developmental, psychological, and cultural issues; how to prepare, question, and cross-examine a child in court; minor changes you can make in the courtroom to get the best results; and much more.

An appendix provides a practical questioning guide to establish (or question) a child’s ability to testify.

One volume, softbound, 169 pages.
Criminal Procedure in North Carolina, Third Edition
Criminal Procedure in North Carolina, Third Edition
Our Price: $195.00

By Irving Joyner

Here’s a comprehensive reference to the rules, statutes, and case law affecting criminal procedure in North Carolina. In one convenient volume, you’ll get answers on every issue from arrest to appeal. Separate chapters discuss jurisdiction; arrest, seizure and detention; processing after arrest; discovery; the right to counsel; motion practice; speedy trial rights; securing witnesses; trial procedures; sentencing; probation; post-conviction relief and appellate review.

Click here to view the table of contents.

One volume, hardbound, plus current supplement.
Your purchase includes a supplement service so you’ll never be out-of-date. You’re under no obligation and you can cancel this service at any time.