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Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence
Our Price: $249.00

By Jonathan Sablone, chair, Nixon Peabody LLP Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Team. Massachusetts eDiscovery and Evidence is the source for in-depth practical guidance on conducting discovery of electronically stored information and successfully using that electronic evidence in federal or state court litigation in Massachusetts. Each chapter in the Practice Guide reflects the keen legal analysis and practical insights of the author, Jonathan Sablone, a partner at Nixon Peabody LLP who chairs the firm's Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Team.

Containing 67 checklists, 250 practice tips, over 24 crucial forms, and a glossary of terms, this portable, task oriented guide to the technical and legal aspects of e-discovery provides authoritative analysis and solutions. Published in 2018.
Model Witness Examinations, Third Edition
Model Witness Examinations, Third Edition
Our Price: $79.95

By Paul Mark Sandler and James K. Archibald

Never be at a loss for how to correctly introduce evidence or prove facts! This book will walk you through virtually any scenario and show you how to handle it correctly under the rules of evidence.

For each scenario – there are 70 in the book – you’ll get trial-proven sequences of questions that translate the rules into examinations that will correctly prove facts, and are easily molded to your specific case. Plus you’ll get clear explanations, key cases, rules, and secondary authorities – citations that are readily accessible, even in mid-trial – along with tactical and strategic guidance.

The scenarios include:
• Documents
• Best Evidence and Original Document Problems
• Demonstrative and Real Evidence
• Opinions of the Lay Witness
• Opinions of the Expert
• Character, Habit and Custom
• General Interest
• Prior Inconsistent Statements
• Use of Textbooks
• Redirect
• Depositions
• Interrogatories

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One volume, softbound, 312 pages.
Bus and Recreational Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation
Bus and Recreational Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation
Our Price: $29.00

Here’s the most authoritative book ever published on lawsuits involving school buses, motor coaches and or recreational vehicles. It’s an essential guide for lawyers handling these claims.

The book will show you the critical issues in understanding bus safety and operation, accident reconstruction, and liability. It covers common injury situations, braking systems, seat belts, luggage racks, driver training and negligent hiring, safety inspections, working with an expert witness, demonstrative evidence, government immunity issues, bus stop location issues, accidents caused by passenger behavior, and much more.

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One volume, casebound, 528 pages.
Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law
Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law
Our Price: $278.00

By the Hon. Joseph A. Grasso, Jr. and the Hon. Christine M. McEvoy

Here’s the premier source for analyzing, preparing and defending motions to suppress evidence, statements, and identifications. This indispensable guide will help you analyze fact patterns, recognize problems, and understand and advance the relevant suppression issue.

Because state law is more defendant-friendly than federal law, lawyers need to master the peculiarities and protections afforded by Articles 12 and 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and common law. This clearly written and easy-to-use reference helps you grasp the subtleties of the state's unique constitutional and common-law protections quickly and efficiently.
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2019 Edition
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2019 Edition
Our Price: $489.00

By Mark S. Brodin and Michael Avery. Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence is the premier work in its field. This comprehensive and practical guide to the law of Massachusetts evidence gives you the latest case law and up-to-date information on all evidentiary matters, including:
  • Relevance
  • New kinds of scientific and statistical evidence
  • Character evidence
  • Admissibility of confessions
  • Privileges and disqualifications
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention Statute
  • Expert testimony

With detailed reference to all significant Massachusetts and federal cases with a bearing on the law of evidence, this trial attorney's "bible" provides all the insightful analysis you need for practical, day-to-day use. 1,086 pages

The Law of Evidence in Virginia, Eight Edition
The Law of Evidence in Virginia, Eight Edition
Our Price: $291.00

By Charles E. Friend and Kent Sinclair

Here’s an authoritative, practical, step-by-step guide to Virginia evidence law. The book will answer all your questions on examining witness (including expert witnesses), character evidence, competency, impeachment, privileges, presumptions, relevance, circumstantial evidence, scientific evidence, hearsay and much more.

One volume, hardbound, 1,461 pages, plus the latest cumulative supplement.
North Carolina Rules of Evidence with Objections
North Carolina Rules of Evidence with Objections
Our Price: $35.00

By Adrienne M. Fox, Anthony J. Bocchino, and David A. Sonenshein

At 4-by-6 inches, this complete reference guide to North Carolina evidence travels easily to the courtroom. Objections, followed by the accurate responses, are listed alphabetically with thumb tabs so that you can go right to them. Includes the complete North Carolina Rules of Evidence, with the latest revisions as passed by the General Assembly, plus crucial practice tips and legal interpretations. Published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.
Michigan Criminal Law
Michigan Criminal Law
Our Price: $176.00

Michigan Criminal Law covers the entire process of a criminal trial in Michigan, from the initial case evaluation to appeals and appellate issues, and much, much more. The Practice Guide contains the most recent analysis of DNA testing and the use of DNA evidence at trial -- important information for attorneys in any jurisdiction. By Brian Zubel
Mass. Guide to Evidence 2019 edition
Mass. Guide to Evidence 2019 edition
Our Price: $79.00

The Massachusetts Guide to Evidence 2019 edition is prepared annually by the Supreme Judicial Court’s
Advisory Committee on Massachusetts Evidence Law. By direction of the Justices of the Supreme
Judicial Court, the Guide organizes and states the law of evidence applied in proceedings in the
courts of the Commonwealth, as set forth in the Federal and State Constitutions, General Laws,
common law, and rules of court. The Committee invites comments and suggestions on the Guide. Any questions or assistance please reach out to Bill Cardinal "" or (617) 218-8194