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Massachusetts Residential Landlord-Tenant Benchbook, Third Edition
Massachusetts Residential Landlord-Tenant Benchbook, Third Edition
Our Price: $129.95

If you handle summary process evictions in Massachusetts, this is a truly essential resource – the only book you need to handle these cases successfully!

Prepared by the Flaschner Judicial Institute and officially distributed as a guidebook to all judges in the state who handle these cases, this edition has been completely revised. It includes a complete overview of summary process, an in-depth analysis of all common legal issues (including foreclosures), plus complete jury instructions, forms, rules, statutes, and regulations. In addition, you’ll get hundreds of pages of critical case law – not available in one place anywhere else!

Armed with this book, you’ll know exactly what the judge is thinking, and be literally “on the same page” with the judge.

One volume, large format, softbound.
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Rhode Island Zoning Handbook, Third Edition
Rhode Island Zoning Handbook, Third Edition
Our Price: $99.95

By Roland F. Chase

The new Third Edition will let you easily answer every zoning question that can arise in your Rhode Island practice, with clear, plain-English explanations backed up by thousands of detailed citations.

The Third Edition has been comprehensively updated and includes expert analysis of many new cutting-edge topics, including attorney fee awards under the Anti-SLAPP law and the Equal Access to Justice Act; protection under Noerr-Pennington for developers who face zoning objections raised merely to delay projects; new laws requiring e-mail notice whenever a zoning ordinance is adopted or amended; a Supreme Court case striking down all content-based sign restrictions (even a temporary church directional sign!); required zoning provisions for affordable housing and persons with disabilities; new rules for religious uses, cell towers, zoning certificates, public utilities; and much more!

One volume, softbound, 304 pages. Published in 2016.

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Handbook of Massachusetts Land Use & Planning Law: Zoning, Subdivision Control, and Nonzoning Alternatives, Fourth Edition
Handbook of Massachusetts Land Use & Planning Law: Zoning, Subdivision Control, and Nonzoning Alternatives, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $425.00

By Mark Bobrowski

When you’re dealing with any piece of real estate in Massachusetts, you need to understand the applicable land use regulations and cases. This book provides all the insightful analysis and practical, expert advice you need, with detailed coverage of such important issues as:
• Affordable housing
• Special permit and variance decisions Affordable housing
• Zoning in Boston
• Nonconforming uses and structures
• Administrative appeal procedures
• Enforcement requests
• Building permits
• Vested rights
• Agricultural use exemptions
• Current tests for exactions
• SLAPP suit procedures • Impact fees
• Civil rights challenges.

Helpful tables facilitate convenient case law review, while forms and extensive cross-references add to the book’s usefulness.
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Rhode Island Zoning Supplement
Rhode Island Zoning Supplement
Our Price: $39.95

This is a cumulative supplement covering all zoning decisions released by the Rhode Island Supreme Court from the date of publication of the Third Edition (ending with the 2014-2015 term) through the 2017-2018 term, and all legislation affecting zoning law through the end of the January 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly. more info